Dec. 13

Dressing up for spirit day is fun, but help your child to be appropriate for the weather. Warm dress up clothes are in order. Appropriate shoes as well.

Today we worked a long time using rounding to estimate totals. Is it better to round to the nearest dollar or dime? Ask your child. Why? If you estimate to the nearest dime there is a better chance that you estimate is closer to the actual total. No one likes to get to the head of the check out line and discover they do not have enough cash to buy everything you want.

Laugh with your child! The students wrote Mad Libs. The target is to learn what an adjective or noun is. Using context clues can help you understand an unknown word. Not using context clues (like with Mad Libs) and filling in randomly can make for a funny story. Free Mad Libs

Students practiced writing poetry to demonstrate their knowledge of the temperate rainforest.

Everyone has the same spelling words again. They are words with silent letters in them. Pretty tough this week.

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